General Medicine

  • Full time MD, pulmonologist, critical care, sleep specialist and twenty seven house doctors.
  • We Treat all kind of heart, lung and general diseases including diabetes, hypertension,etc.
  • We perform bronchoscopy, lungbiopsy, plural and peritoneal fluid drainage,spirometry, echo cardiograph.

24×7 Emergency

  • 24×7 Emergency

Obstetrics & Gynaecology

  • We have three full time gynecologist doctors with supportive staff. We do deliveries, cesarean section, all gynecological surgeries and Laparoscopic surgeries.

General Surgery

  • We have full time general surgeon. We do all kind of general surgery including breast, thyroid, appendix, hernia, etc.

Pediatrician / NICU

  • We have one full time pediatrician doctors.
  • We Have NICU with Sophisticated Warmer Trolley, Ventilator and other Equipment.
  • We Provide all Neonatal Care to new born child.


  • We have two full time ophthalmologist and two visiting ophthalmologists.
  • We do Cataract surgery and lens implants with FACO machine and Glaucoma surgery.
  • We have fundus camera and two Tonometer (Schioetz).

ENT Department

  • We have two full time ENT surgeon doing general ENT surgeries.

Orthopedic Department

  • We have one full time and two Visiting orthopedic surgeon. We perform general, spine, ligament, orthopedic surgeries.


  • Visiting urologists performs prostate and urological surgeries.


  • We have two visiting Skin specialist doctors that see opd patients.


  • We have full time physiotherapist.

Dental Department

  • We have three dentists and three chairs and provide full dental care and denature care.


  • We have portable and stationary digital X-Rays 3 unit with latest DR System & Sonography Machine.


  • Laboratory performs CBC, chemistry,electrolytes and tests for malaria, dengue, HIV and urine test, etc.


  • We provide all short term free medicine to all patients.

Free Food Kitchen

  • We serve three meals a day serving 1000 to 1200 peoples daily. Free food for everybody.


  • We have five ambulances.